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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Boxing Fitness

Like most people who start a physical fitness program, they want to gain strength, endurance, and they want to know exactly how to transform their physical appearance quick. Sadly, there is no pill we can all take to transform our bodies into a model physique. However, there is something close... And that's boxing fitness. So today, I'm going to share a few essential tips for how to transform your physique quick and get the most out of our ability to get lean.

The first tip is full-body workouts. These entire-body workouts are essential for physique transformation and exercise whether you are a weight lifter, or hockey player. If you don't have the right routines, you won't get the right results.

The first thing to do is get some boxing fitness exercises in place. Boxing fitness is used by the top fighters for fast transformation... They often have to gain or lose size in a matter of months. It delivers the quickest results of any method I've come across. The problem is that most of us lift weights, or run on a treadmill for 45 minutes and expect results. Most exercises are muscle isolating. This causes results to come really slow. Most boxing fitness exercises have your body moving like a kinetic chain and workout your entire body.

The second tip is to have variability in your workouts. When we lift weights, we tear our muscles. With cardio, you sweat, your heart rate increases, oxygen intake and lung capacity increase and your body uses stores of energy. It's essential for physique transformation that you have exercises that vary intensity, routines, and muscles targeted. The last thing you want is your body to become complacent... It's when you reach a peak and have trouble getting more lean, or building more muscle.

It's important also as a note that boxing fitness exercises are variable by nature. Take for example burpees. This exercise works your whole-body and targets a variety of muscle groups that don't get targeted from lifting weights. You can also vary the intensity during sets. Exercise in rounds (sets) and be sure to keep intensity high during your reps. Now and then, do the exercises slow.

The final tip for how to use boxing fitness to transform your physique is core training. Core training benefits your entire physique. It triggers the brain to transform the body's shape, structure and size. Imagine heavy lifting and not training your core... Your body would reach a peak very fast because the brain would direct the muscles to stop in order to keep the body in balance. That's why training your legs provides upper body benefits... But not many people know this.

Most boxing fitness exercises involve an aspect of core training. Even the punches on a heavy bag because of the twists required when punching. To take things to the next level, if you're shadow boxing, step into your punches. This will train your legs and hip area... The core. The best boxing fitness workout for core training is the woodchoppers exercise. A total of 8 - 10 reps in four or five sets will have your entire body burnt.

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