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Monday, March 22, 2010

Fitness Plan

Many people are full of motivation when the start a fitness program. Generally they will join a gym and have a fitness program written by a personal trainer and get locked into long term contracts. In this article i will explain easier ways to develop a fitness program that you can follow at home, at the gym. Fitness programs don’t need to be difficult. A fitness program should be fun, and something that you want to do long term if you want to lose weight and stay healthy long term.

Tip 1. Buddy Up
When starting a fitness program people can often get discouraged as they have generally not been exercising for some time. The first few workouts can be very difficult until your body gets used to exercising again. Having a friend by your side can make it fun and you can both encourage each other. People who exercise long term usually do as they make it social and fun.

Tip 2. Choose a sport or activity you enjoy
If you don’t like running, then don’t run. Choose something that you like doing. I have clients that like rock climbing, however he doesn’t have time to get out and climb very often. I took him to a indoor rock climbing centre and now he goes once a week as part if his routine. It gives him one strength session. The other two we made a home workout which consists of an 45 min walk with his wife and then push ups, sit ups, back dishes, lunges, squats and some light stretching. It doesn’t cost much money as he is on a tight budget and it is something that will be maintained long term.

Tip 3. Go Online
If you are wanting a structured fitness program try an online fitness program. With these you can get a tailored fitness program to suit your goals and they won’t cost you the consultancy fees of a personal trainer.

Tip 4. Start slow, finish strong
When you first start a fitness program don’t be too aggressive. Often people are full of enthusiasm and they work themselves to hard in the first two weeks. Remember that following you new fitness program is going to be part of your new lifestyle and you will be enjoying your new lifestyle for a long time. Take it easy and build up over time.

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